G’day, and thanks for dropping by

I am a self taught artist from Perth, Western Australia, where at an early age, developed an interest in art, electronics, model making, and the curious inner workings of things. With formal qualifications in Electronic Engineering, I studied and worked in that field for 10 years before pursuing my passion along a more creative path.

After another 10 years living and working in Australia, U.S.A, Canada and the U.K, I broadened my skills and experience in Model Making, Prosthetic Make-Up Effects, Stop Motion Animation, Animatronics, Illustration and Mural Painting.

In 2013 I became involved in the Indie Game Development scene in Vancouver, Canada, where I had predominately been working as a Prosthetic Make-Up Effects Technician. I then decided to focus on my illustration and game development, things that I have always enjoyed that can be done digitally allowing me to work freely between Vancouver and Perth.

While Collaborating with other artists and technicians I also continue to take on commissioned work that presents itself. So feel free to contact me regarding any project you have that might benefit from my services.

Have a Fantastic day!!